Sunday, May 6, 2012

Boobtube Free Pattern + Tutorial

I couldn't resist getting down to drawing the pattern for the boobtube I ripped off ASOS!

I guess that's because I'm pretty proud of my little work and I can't wait to share my excitement!

Here's the pattern and the measurement I used.

Please note that you should measure according to your own measurement!

What you need:
1) A cut fabric
2) A piece of elastic measured based on your upper chest
3) A piece of fabric for the belt. I used 4" x 27" x 2 pieces which I joined into one long stripe. But you can use 4" x 54" if you prefer. (My waist is 27" by the way *blush*)

For simplicity, I suggest using a huge piece of cloth in your favourite design to do this. Otherwise, you can also opt to have 3 panels and give yourself some seam allowance.

I'm using 17in because my bust size is 32". This will give it a little runched look.

1.5" includes both a seam allowance and a little more for comfort.

Now, to the sewing part:

1) Use zig-zag stitch to stitch all 4 sides of  your fabric to prevent fraying.

2) Sew the seams for AC, CD and BD. For the curve part, use a chalk to draw an inner curve and clip it bit by bit before sewing. Otherwise you might not be able to sew the seams curved.

3) Now, fold the panel AC towards D and BD towards C (they should overlap)

4) To help you manage the fabric better, I suggest pressing the fabric at this stage.

5) Where AB is, fold it down about 1" to create a tunnel big enough to pull an elastic band through.

6) Press the fold down

7) Sew across and leave about 2" un-sewn. This is where you insert the elastic band through the tunnel. Adjust accordingly

8) Sew the elastic band together and hide it in the tunnel.

9) Sew the remaining 2" to close the tunnel

10) For the belt, fold and press like you would with a DIY bias tape and sew it shut (prevents fraying!)

Just in case you are not sure, divide the stripe into 4 parts along the length (not horizontally!). Fold the ends towards the centre then half it. This will keep the belt from fraying because both the raw ends are folded inward and sewn down. This will give you a belt that is 1" wide and 44" long.


I hope you like it as much as a I do!

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